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Project Planning and Management
  • Creating project Teams & Plans.
  • Diagrams and Graphs.
  • Documentations and Releases.
Task Management System
  • Task creation and assignment.
  • Task tracking and monitoring.
  • Task evaluation and rating.
Team Collaboration and Performance
  • Performance based Payroll.
  • Project team performance analytics.
  • Dashboard with informative charts and metrics.
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Project Plans

The plans page on provides a crucial role in the successful execution of any digital project or remotely controlled process.

Plans help in determining and visualizing the main goals and topics of the project, along with the tasks and task steps required to accomplish them.

Users can assign planned tasks to team members and monitor their progress on one organized page.

Plans can also be shared with specific teams, granting permission to edit. The Plans editor provides a structured tool for organizing and planning project development.

Task Management

The tasks page on provides a task management system for users to manage and keep track of their projects.

Users can create private tasks, receive tasks from team members, or assign tasks to other team members.

As tasks are processed, users can track their progress step by step, ensuring that they stay on track and meet their deadlines.

The tasks page is an essential tool for effective project management and collaboration.


The payroll page on is designed to calculate and confirm the earned salary for team members based on their task performance.

It operates on a task-performing based model, where the salary is determined by the score of the task and the rating of the completed result.

Users have the ability to enable the payroll calculation process for specific teams, specifying the relevant score price and currency.

Currency rates for completed and rated tasks are captured at the time of task completion with statuses 'Done' or 'Rejected'.